Sunday, February 18, 2024

Hands Off Rafah / End the Genocide Rally in Raleigh (February 18, 3 pm)

Press Contact:

· Victor Urquiza, 404-662-7614,, Party for Socialism and Liberation

· Manzoor Cheema, 919-412-7008,,  Muslims for Social Justice, People’s Power Lab

     ·  Noor Abualhawa, 919-800-1378,, Palestinian community member

Hands of Rafah! Free Palestine! End the genocide!

Sunday, February 18th, 3 pm

Moore Square, Raleigh, NC

Over ten organizations, community members, and allies will gather at Moore Square this Sunday, February 18th, to protest against the ongoing genocidal escalations in Rafah, Gaza. Our movement will not rest or tire until we see a permanent ceasefire, an end to the continued colonization of Palestinian land, and a fully liberated Palestine. 

“This genocidal bombardment of Gaza has been ongoing for over 4 months. Over 30,000 Palestinians have been murdered, and tens of thousands more have been injured or are missing. Starvation and disease loom over the entire population with over 500,000 people at risk of dying due to lack of medical services or food.” Says Victor Urquiza, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation. 

“This humanitarian crisis is already a crime against humanity being committed by the Israeli apartheid state, now Israel is indiscriminately bombing Rafah. Rafah, only 25 square miles big, houses over 1.5 million refugees who have fled northern Gaza. Israel claimed that Rafah was “safe” but on February 11th, the same day as the Super Bowl, Israel began bombing this refuge camp showing no regard for the civilian population”, said Manzoor Cheema from Muslims for Social Justice and People's Power Lab

“The bombs being dropped on these innocent civilians are being sent with our tax money, this is why we all have a moral and ethical obligation to speak out against the US war machine. Imperialism is the enemy of humanity and it is imperative to oppose it at all times. Our movement is internationalist, anti-imperialist, and for peace” said Noor Abualhawa, a Palestinian community member. “Only the Palestinian people, with the support and solidarity of the international community, will free Palestine. We will not tire and will continue to mobilize and organize!”



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