Saturday, January 13, 2024

Press release: Rally for Palestine and Yemen in downtown Raleigh. January 14, 3pm.


For Immediate Release:

Press Contact:

· Noor Abualhawa, 919-800-1378,, Palestinian community member

· Victor Urquiza, 404-662-7614,, Party for Socialism and Liberation

· Manzoor Cheema, 919-412-7008,,  Muslims for Social Justice, People’s Power Lab


Rally for Palestine! Rally for Yemen!

U.S. Out of the Middle East!

Sunday, January 14, 3 pm

Moore Square, Raleigh, NC

Over ten organizations and community members will gather in Moore Square for an emergency rally to raise their voice against the U.S. backed act of aggression on Yemen  aimed at helping Israel continue its assault on Gaza.

“The U.S. war machine wants to punish Yemen for refusing to allow the waters off their coast to be used to sustain the genocide against Palestinians”, said Noor Abualhawa, a Palestinian community member. “The U.S. and western imperial powers bombing Yemen is a direct violation of Yemen’s sovereignty and an extremely dangerous escalation.” It is clear that the Biden administration’s actions have raised the prospect of a devastating regional war. The Biden administration is threatening to escalate a regional war with this retaliation against Yemen’s principled solidarity with Palestine. 

“56 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. challenged the US war in Vietnam in his famous Beyond Vietnam speech. On this MLK Day weekend, we should follow his legacy and build a stronger anti-imperialism and anti-racism movement”, explains Manzoor Cheema from Muslims for Social Justice and People's Power Lab. “Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Christians, African Americans, workers, and people from other backgrounds in Raleigh demand a permanent ceasefire now. We demand the Biden administration and Israel to listen to the people of the world. We will continue to come out until the genocide stops, until Palestine is free!"

International solidarity is key to ending the genocide, to freeing all Palestinian prisoners, to ending the occupation and ultimately winning a free Palestine. "At this critical moment for the Palestinian struggle, the need is urgent for continued mobilizations and direct actions to confront Israeli Zionism in all its forms", said Victor Urquiza from the Party for Socialism and Liberation. "As Israel continues its devastating assault on Gaza and the Palestinian people, we call on all conscience people to fill the streets, disrupt business as usual, and not stop until Palestine is free! Our efforts will only continue and grow stronger until all our demands are met: a permanent ceasefire, lifting the siege on Gaza, and ending U.S. aid to Israel!"

The people of Raleigh will gather to say, “HANDS OFF YEMEN” and  “U.S. OUT OF YEMEN!” We will continue to flood the streets of Raleigh with our unwavering support for the Palestinian people and their ongoing struggle for liberation!


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