Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Photo and Video Gallery

          Shafeah M'Balia and Saladin Muhammad at Trayvon Martin Rally in Raleigh, 7/14/13

                            Saladin Muhammad speaking at anti-war rally in Raleigh on 9/17/13

Anjabeen Ashraf at Moral Monday Rally in Raleigh on 7/22/13

Moral Monday 7/29/13

Shafeah M'Balia speaking at Triangle Interfaith Alliance Annual Dinner 
in Raleigh on February 6, 2014.
Click above to watch Shafeah M'Balia Speech at Triangle Interfaith Alliance Annual Dinner. Or click at link below to watch the Youtube video:

Manzoor Cheema Speaking at HKonJ (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) rally on Feb 8, 2014. Click on pic above or link below to watch the video:

Muslims for Social Justice members at BWFJ's 2014 MLK Support of Labor Banquet, 4/8/2014

Muslims for Social Justice Member Manzoor Cheema spoke at Moral Monday rally on June 9, 2014

Voting Rights Workshop at Apex Mosque, 6/14/14

Connecting Palestinian and African American Struggles Forum, Raleigh, 8/23/14

Imam Salahuddin Muhammad speaking at Climate Change Vigil in Raleigh on 9/21/14

Muslims for Social Justice Sponsored a forum titled "The Quest for a Just Peace: Connecting Liberation Struggle" on Oct 26, 2014. Watch videos from the forum below:

Click pic above or link below to watch Saladin Muhammad's speech at the
2014 Environmental Justice Summit (Oct 17/18, 2014) at Whitakers, NC:

Muslims for Social Justice co-sponsored "Drop Moral Monday Arrestee Charges: Unity Celebration Reception" organized at Fruit of Labor World Cultural Center in Raleigh, NC, on 11/02/14

Pictures from Eric Garner Rally in Raleigh on Dec 4, 2014. Muslims for Social Justice delivered a statement at the rally

International Human Rights Award dinner for Manzoor Cheema, co-founder of Muslims for Social Justice, on Dec 9, 2014

Muslims for Social Justice organized a Teach-in on Mike Brown and Eric Garner on Dec 20, 2014, in Durham NC

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