Monday, October 3, 2016

Fighting Islamophobia through creativity

Boston-based activists Ayesha and Jay started a clothing company “Muslim Love Clothing Company” to celebrate their Muslim identity. Their signature shirt features the simple word Muslim, but replaces “u” with a love sign. Their satirical and progressive messages on clothes have resonated with many Muslims and their allies in the social justice movement. 

Their messages range from serious to satirical socially conscious messages including “refugees welcome”, counter-Trump message, burqa-clad skateboarder with a title “Radical Islam”, and other creative clothing messages for the young and old. 

They describe their message as follows:
“At a time where xenophobia and racism are on the rise, we seek to counter that hate with the imperative ideas that do not always make it into the mainstream. Afterall, when was the last time that you saw the words “Muslims” and “love” put together on your TV screen? By simultaneously culture jamming our world with positive messages and images Muslims, we aim to turn hate on its head.”

Check out their clothing products below.

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