Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hani Alshaikh Freed from ICE Detention

Hani Alshaikh Freed from Detention!
Hani Alshaikh was freed from detention on July 2nd, 2018. We thank you all friends for your help to get Hani released. Our fight will continue as we demand justice for other oppressed folks.

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Background information
Hani Alshaikh, who is a resident of Broward County, FL, for the last 18 years, has been unlawfully detained for fourteen months at Stewart Detention Center.
Hani Alshaikh is a Palestinian born permanent resident of Coral Springs, FL. He is married to Reham Mustafa, and father of seven-year-old daughter Celine and four-year-old son Zaid. His family has gone through a traumatic experience because of his detention. Zaid has a developmental disability and has suffered as a result of his father’s detention. Celine has suffered great emotional trauma because of the absence of her father and needed medical attention.
During his detention, Hani has twice staged a hunger strike out of desperation for his situation, since he has felt speechless and powerless to obtain justice. Hani has felt dizziness, sickness, and low blood pressure during detention. He had a urine infection before his detention, which has become worse during his detention. Hani had to visit a doctor outside the detention facility and is currently receiving medicine for his infection. Food quality at Stewart Detention Center is poor and Hani has developed a stomach pain. He has no recourse but to purchase food from the commissary. It is very hard for the family to visit Hani because of long distance. Even when they are able to visit Stewart Detention Center, they can only see him through a glass screen.
Hani is the sole breadwinner for this family. His detention has created economic hardship, in addition to emotional trauma, for his family. We urge you to join us in demanding an end to Hani’s detention immediately. His family and community need him at home in Coral Springs.
Please contact the following legislators to demand Hani’s release from ICE Detention.

109 Signatures collected by 3/29/18

Belal Ali Raleigh NC
Manzoor Cheema Raleigh NC
Doha Medani Greensboro NC
Musa Lipford Raleigh NC
Zuzana Wells Miami Beach FL
Mervat Alayyan Cary NC
Mahmoud Alayyan Cary NC
Tareq Alawneh Aventura FL
Abed Daoud Nashville TN
Reham Mustafa Coral Springs FL
Mohammad Mustafa Whitinsville MA
Miachael Azmi Whitinsville MA
Ahmad Mustafa Whitinsville MA
Mosa Hamadeesa Raleigh NC
Eman Wahdan Knoxville TN
Hamzah Alayyan Cary NC
Nabeg Barakat Apex NC
Moe Zeitoon Fuquay Varina NC
Naji Sarsour Cary NC
Kawther Asad Raleigh NC
Celine Alshaikh Coral Springs FL
Hasan Habash Raleigh NC
Zaid Alshaikh Whitinsville MA
Marwa Mustafa Sunrise FL
Mohammad Ziadeh Sunrise FL
Farris Barakat Raleigh NC
Hazim Shatarah Cary NC
Rachid Sahim Raleigh NC
William Avellanet Coconut Creek FL
Mike Ooda Dunn NC
Nour Mousa Coral Springs FL
James Richardson Lake Worth FL
Hashem Wafa Fuquay Varina NC
Joe Jabir Raleigh NC
Noor Alolabi Sunrise FL
Sanaa Hajomar Raleigh NC
Mike Maani Aventura FL
Amenah Elabed Coral Springs FL
Chris Boatright Fuquay Varina NC
Isam Mari Apex NC
Sam Helba Fuquay Varina NC
Namee Barakat Raleigh NC
Ahmed Omar Raleigh NC
Sal El ehmeada Rocky Mount NC
Fawwaz Arikat Raleigh NC
Hisham Hajaj Cary NC
Mazin Alhashimi Apex NC
Julio Fernandez Charlotte NC
Rashida James Durham NC
Matthew Graber Philadelphia PA
Kevin Caron Atlanta GA
Omar Hafidi Kissimmee FL
Maysoon Hazien Fort Lauderdale FL
Sadie Morgan Rossville GA
Zineb Baali Raleigh NC
Isra Amin Pembroke Pines FL
Nandee Shabazz Miramar FL
Sara Alattar Burr Ridge IL
Jinan Chehade Bridgeview IL
Bineta Bitteye Miami FL
Ibrahim Tawil Bridgeview IL
Nabintou Doumbia Detroit MI
Ayah Chehade Bridgeview IL
Batoul Khalil Oak Lawn IL
Nader Yacoub Lakeland FL
Anas Amireh Coral Springs FL
Karen Danielson Bridgeview IL
Ayman Ouzah Apex NC
Sarah Aljabri Dublin OH
Najah Alshaikh Tamarac FL
Daniela HB Chapel Hill NC
Mohammad Ali Raleigh NC
Suhaib Ellythy Orland Park IL
Susan Krysak Columbus GA
Nandini Sridhar Cary NC
Manal Hussen North Lauderdale FL
Fatjon Matraku Lithonia GA
Mairuk Al-Huq Lawrenceville GA
Lamarana Balde Athens GA
Mohamed Cherif Lawrenceville GA
Holly Patrick Atlanta GA
Joan DeWitt Atlanta GA
Vrbas Voda Lawrenceville GA
JoAnn Weiss Lawrenceville GA
Edward Mitchell Atlanta GA
Rev. Fahed Abuakel Atlanta GA
Tori Miller Atlanta GA
Amilcar Valencia Atlanta GA
Mary Lucchese Rome GA
Gopi Neppala Bedford Corners NY
Connie Sosnoff Atlanta GA
Charles Myrtil North Lauderdale FL
Simrun Rafiq Pembroke Pines FL
Mariam Ahmed Cumming GA
Leon Clymore Atlanta GA
Meredith Blankinship Atlanta GA
Dana Sibley Decatur GA
Elizabeth Sosnoff Atlanta GA
Dawn Gibson College Park GA
Melina Baetti Atlanta GA
Robert Weaver Atlanta GA
Lubna Ahsan Cumming GA
Kyleen Burke Lynn MA
Ayman Fadel Augusta GA
Akaber Hroub Rocky Mount NC
Sarah McCormick Decatur GA
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Esi Fynn-Obeng Pembroke Pines FL
Adelina Nicholls Atlanta GA