Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Welcome to Muslims for Social Justice Blog!

Muslims for Social Justice is a North Carolina-based organization dedicated to Human Rights and Social Justice for all. We believe in Empowerment of the Marginalized, Grassroots Democracy, Economic & Environmental Justice, Respect for Diversity, and Responsible Local & Foreign Policy. We are committed to working with organizations and individuals who share these values.

Our core principles include:

1) MSJ is dedicated to social justice and human rights for all.

2) We will prioritize fighting racism, white supremacy and sexism within as well as beyond the Muslim community.

3) MSJ will work closely on anti-colonial, anti-Islamophobia, Black Liberation movements, international issues and progressive social movements. MSJ will connect global liberation movements, like Palestine Liberation Movement, with Black Liberation Movement.

4) MSJ believes that organizing people on the grassroots, rather than charity or mere electoral/legal avenues, will change the balance of power to bring the necessary progressive change.

5) MSJ will build power and change the balance of power by centering the leadership and self-determination of marginalized Muslims, and approaching our organizing through an intersectional lens.

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