Sunday, December 14, 2014

Muslims for Social Justice Statement on Eric Garner

(The following statement by Muslims for Social Justice was read at Eric Garner rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Dec 4, 2014. See pictures below)

Murder with impunity of Eric Garner is yet another reminder of the ongoing war on Black America and lays to rest the myth of "Post-Racial America". 

Muslims for Social Justice believes in becoming part of a grassroots movement to topple the oppressive system. We believe in uprooting white-supremacy in all its forms, whether murders of black and brown people by police, school-to-prison-pipeline, prison-industrial-complex, environmental racism, gentrification or the war on poor. Institution of racism is at the root of this oppression. Body cameras alone will not stop violence inherent in the deeply racist society we live in. Ending white-supremacy and uprooting institutional racism will end violence faced by black and brown people.

The movement against white supremacy has to be led by the most oppressed and should be supported by their allies from all backgrounds. Muslims for Social Justice is dedicated to educating and mobilizing people within our family, friends, congregants at mosques and other places of worship to become part of this growing movement!


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